Hi, I'm Jake!

I Help Early Stage Founders Build & Scale Startups 📈🚀

I'm a strategic consultant and advisor for high-growth startups. I work with founders and startup teams on growth and people operations—specifically how to hire, build and scale teams, fast.

Jake Huber | Startup Consultant

Over the last 10+ years I've developed proven playbooks to help early-stage founders scale their teams and operations through my own experience and experimentation:

💪 Advising CEOs on people ops, hiring and employer brand, e.g. helping Veho grow 4X from 70 to 285 employees and increasing candidate inbound by 500% in 6 months.

🚀 Building 40 SaaS and Marketplace Startups from the ground up as a Startup Studio Director where I coached CEOs on the journey from idea to fundraising.

📈 Hiring, developing and scaling national operations teams from 0 to 50+ and launching over 15 new markets at VC-backed startups (including Uber).

🎙 Running a People Ops and Growth Podcast where we interview startup leaders and share playbooks for hiring, onboarding, building culture, and scaling your startup.

Places Where I've Mentored and Advised Startup Founders:

My Free Startup Resources

"How To Hire At Your Startup" Video Series

Set Up Your Hiring Systems (Part 1)

Learn how to create V1 of your employer brand, the key systems to set up to hire at scale, and how to facilitate an incredible candidate experience.

Design Your Roles & Process (Part 2)

Learn how to streamline and execute a people-first interview, hiring, and onboarding process from the ground up.

Source Your Candidates (Part 3)

Learn how to attract and source candidates before you have a recognizable brand, and use talent mapping to identify the right high-fit employees.

🎙 More from the Venture Scaler Podcast

On the podcast, my business partner Sasha and I interview startup leaders and share our proven playbooks for hiring, onboarding, building culture, and scaling your startup.

What our listeners are saying...

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Another serving please! I can’t wait for more of these. Sasha and Jake are so fun with their banter and their combined startup experience are best in class. Can’t wait to dig into more of these episodes."

Advising | How I Help Founders

I advise early-stage founders and CEOs on growth, scaling people operations, building teams and launching new products/markets:

👪 People Ops Strategy

Developing customer personas, go-to-market plans, channel experiments, referral programs, supply growth strategies.

💻 Scaling Operations

Identifying opportunities to streamline and automate processes and introduce best practices to optimize workflows.

🚀 Launching New Markets

Developing clear and defined go-to-market strategies and market launch playbooks to make it a repeatable process.

📈 Growth Strategy

Developing customer personas, go-to-market plans, channel experiments, referral programs, supply growth strategies.

🔎 Testing New Ideas

Designing new business models, identifying assumptions and risks, designing and run experiments, validating ideas.

🤲 Managing People & Teams

Managing people is often the hardest part of scaling—setting goals and creating OKRs, managing performance, motivating and inspiring teams.

Reach out to me if you're a founder that needs help scaling your startup.


Eli Chmouni
CEO of Neon

"I would highly recommend Jake. I met Jake 7 years ago when working on a startup concept. Since then, Jake has been on the advisory board of two of my startups and has played a pivotal role in transforming our operations into success.

Jake is the mentor and advisor every startup entrepreneur needs in their life. During difficult times, he will support and encourage you on a personal level; while creating business strategies that take into account the issues you are facing.

I cannot count how many times I have called Jake for a quick question and sat down for a deep dive session. I believe his skills, passion, and dedication played a pivotal role in my success as an entrepreneur."

Nicki Werner
VP of Product Management at Hutch

“Working with Jake is like taking a Master Class in Operations. He was hired as a consultant for Hutch to help us improve production in order to scale our operation.

Jake was incredibly helpful; he took the time to understand every facet of our flows, his recommendations were right on point, and he was able to quickly adjust his strategies to accommodate any concerns.

Jake consistently over delivered and was very fun to work with. Any company—startup especially—would greatly benefit from Jake’s help!

Blaine Light
Former COO at Qwick, Senior Ops at Uber

“Jake sees how to make a process better, playbooks every step of the way in crisp-clear steps, and scales it out to the operation at large.

He also sees things in a different light than most. Both these skills play to his advantage. I highly recommend Jake for his ability to scale projects across wide and diverse teams throughout the organization.”